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  • Social Media

    Students explore emerging social media technologies and processes and study their application in a variety of contemporary settings. Students will learn how to use and author content for such online tools such as blogs, microblogs, collaboration mechanisms, podcasts, RSS-feeds, video, bookmarking, and other emerging web technologies. The course will also study how to use these technologies to monitor conversations on the Internet, engage online communities, identify influencers, and establish thought leadership.

  • Game Design Concepts

    This course provides students with a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the field of game design, along with practical exposure to the process of creating a game. Topics covered include iteration, rapid prototyping, mechanics, dynamics, flow theory, the nature of fun, game balance, and user interface design. Primary focus is on non-digital games;Instructor-led;computer-science

  • Digital Tools for the K-12 Educator

    Are you ready to explore web-based tools to ignite student engagement in your K-12 classroom? We will examine a series of web tools and learn the basics for integrating them into the classroom. Each week we will explore an instructional method utilizing an emerging technology tool (i.e., presentations, posters, binders, stories, and scavenger hunts), and investigate uses and good practices for both teacher-led and student driven activities.;instructor-led;education

  • Exploring Chemistry

    Chemistry is an integral part of our lives and the world we live in. Chemistry explains the world around us. Are you a college student intimidated by a chemistry course? Do you need a head start in exploring chemistry in order to be prepared for general chemistry courses? In this four-week non-credit pre-college online course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Chemistry. Concepts, terminologies and basic mathematics skills required for conversions in Chemistry will be covered. In addition, students will explore career opportunities in the area of Chemistry.;instructor-led;professions

  • USAID Land Tenure and Property Rights